Join us in celebrating the culture and history of the Saginaw Valley, and the hard working laborers whose grit and determination laid the foundation for our great community! The Saginaw Art Museum invites you to Take Part in the Art by supporting The Last Whistle project, honoring our industrial past and our commitment to arts and culture.

The Last Whistle sculpture, created by artist Ken Newman, is a tribute to those gentlemen who worked with their hands, proud of what they produced. Personal ambitions were sacrificed to better provide security for their family. Many loved the occupation, others the quality of life. A time when a fair days pay equals a modest family vacation, a college fund and retirement/security. The sculpture is a wonderful depiction of Saginaw’s blue-collar history and is a logical addition to the Saginaw Art Museum permanent collection. The artist, Ken Newman, is a widely celebrated artist whose work has received numerous awards and been displayed throughout the country at several fine art museums.  We are honored to be the recipient of his beautiful bronze sculpture as a gift from the Jury Foundation and pleased to accession it into our permanent collection.

The Last Whistle will be displayed in a unique landscape at the front of the museum, to show respect and appreciation for the blue collar workforce. Bricks are being sold to fill the landscaping space with honor and memories of friends, family, and Labor groups that have helped to build our country into what it is today! Options of large, medium and small bricks range in pricing from $50- $250+ and can be engraved your personal message.

Follow the links below to download the brick order forms:

Brick Form

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