Clear Seeing Place: The Encapsulating Canvases of Brian Rutenberg

March 10 - June 3, 2017

Special Exhibition Wing


Featuring twenty-four paintings and five works on paper, this exhibition examines the career of New York-based artist Brian Rutenberg. These works, produced between 1993 and 2016, are on temporary loan to the Saginaw Art Museum from Forum Gallery in New York, with a few selections from the Jerald Melberg Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As indicated by the title, Clear Seeing Place serves to illustrate the ideas and themes presented in Rutenberg’s recently published autobiography, Clear Seeing Place: Studio Visits. A self-professed Southern landscape painter, Rutenberg explores the notions of lucidity and authenticity of place, as well as the spatial relationships of one’s surroundings through abstraction. His compositions, constructed as portals which at once compress and accelerate time and space, enable the viewer to interact with the creator through pure intention. Rejecting the idea of his paintings as precious luxuries, Rutenberg embraces the act of painting itself as communicative grandiosity.


The Angst of Alechinsky and Friends: Abstract Expressionist Prints from the Permanent Collection 

February 10 - May 20, 2017

Graphic Arts Gallery 


This exhibition closely examines the Windows series of angst-ridden lithographic prints produced by Belgian artist Pierre Alechinsky, and highlights a number of additional artists (including Joan Miro, Richard Howard Hunt, Charles Cajori, Georges Braque, Adja Yunkers, and Sister Mary Corita Kent) whose works exhibit equally dissonant imagery. In stark contrast to the equally popular Lyrical Abstraction – a style of art that applied the teachings of Kandinsky, often marked by sumptuous color and harmonious, painterly beauty – the work of Alechinsky and other Abstract Expressionists, as well as that produced by Art Informel groups such as COBRA, incorporated “primitive” design elements and favored restless, fitful compositions.



March 31 - June 10, 2017

Artisan Wing

Lisa Ambrose Betrayal of Home

This exhibition examines the creative outlet and career catalyst afforded by artist-in-residence programs to painters, sculptors, cinematographers, researchers, ceramicists, poets, playwrights, fashion designers, musicians, and others working in the world of fine arts. Though a great deal of such residency programs exist across America, many are located in urban centers, where residents are able to submerse themselves in the thriving arts and cultural fabric and timeless innovation of city life. However, a number may also be found in the remote countryside, which allows visionaries seeking tranquil solitude to withdraw from the high-velocity environment of the modern world. One such location is the Golden Apple Studio of Harrington, Maine, which is the subject of this Artumentary.