The Adopt a Work of Art program is an opportunity for individuals and businesses to Take Part in the Art through the sponsored support of objects in the Saginaw art Museum’s collection. Adoption of a piece can be a truly unique, meaningful and ongoing way to recognize friends, family and business associates, while at the same time supporting the Museum. 

Program Overview:

  • Your contribution adopts a work for 5 years
  • Individual Contributor: work labeled with your name and memorial statement
  • Business Contributor: work labeled with your company name, company logo and recognition statement
  • Full adoption fees paid in year one will receive one bonus year to the adoption period
  • Payments can also be made in installments over a five-year period
  • Ten-year adoptions receive a 50 percent discount
  • Please inquire at the Museum for a payment plan that fits your budget

If you would like to adopt a piece, please contact the museum at 989.754.2491. 

Pieces available for adoption:

S.A.M. 10-24-14-15 Buddha 









Seated Buddha

Unidentified Artist

8th Century

Adoption Price: $5,000


S.A.M. 10-24-14-17Candelabra








Unidentified Artist

14th Century

Adoption Price: $2,500 


S.A.M. 10-24-14-16Psiche 








Psiche e Amore

Aristide Petrilli


Adoption Price: $5,000

S.A.M. 10-24-14-9 BentonHanchett 







Benton Hanchett

Irving Wiles


Adoption Price: $5,000


S.A.M. 10-24-14-14 MercuryinFlight







Mercury in Flight

after Bologna Giovanni

ca. 1800-1850

Adoption Price: $1,250


S.A.M. 10-24-14-1




Voyage of Life: Youth

after Thomas Cole

ca. 1850-1860

Adoption Price: $9,500


S.A.M. 10-24-14-7 NobleChild








Noble Child

Unidentified Artist

ca. 1725-1750

Adoption Price: $8,250


S.A.M. 10-24-14-11ClaudeHT








Claude Hamilton Thompson

Unidentified Artist

ca. 1870

Adoption Price: $15,000


S.A.M. 10-24-14-10Mable







Mable Wilson Barron

Julius Rolshoven

8th Century

Adoption Price: $5,000


S.A.M. 10-24-14-5 StillLife







Still Life with Birds

Anders Segovia

ca. 1950-1955

Adoption Price: $1,750


S.A.M. 10-24-14-4 Mallard













W.E. Wright


Adoption Price: $1,250

S.A.M. 10-24-14-8 TheBigTree







The Big Tree

Camille Corot


Adoption Price: $3,500


S.A.M. 10-24-14-12Barron








George Davis Barron

Julius Rolshoven


Adoption Price: $5,000  

S.A.M. 10-24-14-6 Souvenir




Souvenir d'Italie

Camille Corot


Adoption Price: $2,500


S.A.M. 10-24-14-13 Rogers




Coming to the Parson

John Rogers


Adoption Price: $1,750


Additional pieces available for adoption, please visit the museum for more information.