Art Goes to School 

In this award-winning program, fourth and fifth grade students learn about art, history, art production, and art analysis. Students’ involvement includes active participation and lively discussion of artworks as well as exploration and understanding of the world’s rich cultural past.

This art history and art appreciation program has six major goals:

  • to introduce Western art history
  • to define and use art and art history vocabulary
  • to introduce ethnographic art history
  • to highlight major artists
  • to enhance critical analysis skills to build self-esteem

Staff at the Museum train the volunteer docents with art history knowledge and discussion techniques. Volunteers go to schools within the surrounding counties and present slide units. The Museum provides slides, follow-up art-related activity sheets, and each classroom teacher with the AGTS Teacher’s Packet to ensure that the students enjoy all the benefits of these goals.


If you are interested in bringing Art Goes to School to your school, please contact Eric Birkle at