The Eye on Arts Program is a weekly (Sunday) review of arts and cultural programming presented by the Saginaw Art Museum, Temple Theatre, Saginaw Bay Symphony Orchestra, Saginaw Choral Society, and Pit & Balcony Theatre. Funded by a private foundation, the program is a collaborative effort between the Township View, Saginaw Valley State University, Delta College and Central Michigan University, administered by the Saginaw Art Museum. The program's primary goal is to heighten awareness of arts and culture opportunities and experiences in the Greater Saginaw Area, encouraging attendance and support for the entities reviewed. Its secondary goal is to provide an avenue for the younger demographic to play a role in the development and sustainability of attendance and awareness of arts and cultural institutions in the community.

The program functions by vetting two (or more) student critics per participating venue to ensure that all forms of artistic expression are represented. Current students have been selected from Saginaw Valley State University and Delta College by faculty for their knowledge of journalism and the respective subject matter, and are mentored by the museum's Assistant Curator of Arts & Education, Eric Birkle, and Event Coordinator, Emily Korn, as well as Janet Martineau, former reviewer for the Saginaw News and longstanding supporter of the museum.