Like a Proud Parent...

One of the most rewarding experiences is to witness the growth and success of someone you love.  Nothing is better than potential achieved, catching a rising star or celebrating outstanding achievement.  Especially with all the crazy madness in the world today – it is nice to inject positivity into our day.  Like a proud parent – I am fresh with such experience.  The exception is that it is someTHING that I love, and although it has personality, a beautiful soul and vitality, it is not a person.  It is your museum.

We have progressed through phases much like a child that learns to crawl, then walk and run.  We reinvented ourselves through our renovations, new galleries and reaccreditation.  With credentialed curators we learned to research traveling exhibitions that would expand our offerings, complement our permanent collection and fulfill our mission of Art for All through education, exhibition, preservation and collection of art.  We opened the Museum Shop and are offering custom museum framing to further our outreach and expand our revenue sources.  Our hope is to become a haven for art history student interns to do research on our permanent collection with plans currently underway to make that a reality.  What is happening on October 7th with the opening of the “My View From Behind the Wheel:  The Molten Materials of Jeff Blandford” exhibition is perhaps my proudest moment and a significant example of achieving potential.  I hope you will join us for the reception that evening so you can see for yourself just how special this show is.

Why, Stacey?  What is it that has you so excited you ask?

The reason for my gloating is that this is the first professional exhibition that has been fully curated by our staff.  With the assistance and vision of the artist we have developed the presentation from start to finish.  We met with the artist and selected pieces, agreed upon a theme, chose the paint colors, plotted the floor plan and created an outstanding catalogue – just as the world’s finest museums would.  While this may be something that visitors take for granted, it is a giant step in our growth and development as a museum.  It demonstrates our capabilities and showcases our stature as a fine art organization.  We have blossomed and I can’t help but think that we’re on our way to another growth spurt!

Our continued success is only achievable through the support of our community and members.  We are dependent on volunteers and the ongoing financial support of folks like you.  I am dedicated to building our endowment and continuing our commitment to sustainability.  As we wind down toward the end of the year it is my hope that you will give us your favorable charitable consideration.  We have so many more proud moments to create!

My best always,